The Wrocław Capgemini Software Solutions Center is a software and IT services development centre that specializes in designing IT solutions for world-famous companies. We work for clients in the automotive sector, logistics, telecommunications, finance, as well as in the public and energy sector. These are very well-known global brands, often companies with a high stock exchange listing in their respective country. We create IT solutions for clients from Germany and the USA, and therefore, IT specialists who speak German or English will find work here.

Our specialists deal with:

  • designing, creating, testing, and deploying individual IT solutions based on recognized technologies and frameworks, such as: JAVA (e.g. Spring, Hibernate), .NET, database platforms (e.g. Oracle), Business Intelligence (e.g. IBM Cognos, SAP Business Objects, Informatica, QlikView, Microsoft BI) and mobile technologies (e.g. Android, iOS);
  • the architecture of complex IT systems – designing advanced enterprise-class solutions and business consulting for many sectors;
  • IT project management based on agile and classic methodologies – the methodologies applied are based on models used internationally, such as Scrum and RUP, enriched with our experiences; in project management, we also draw from commonly known standards and solutions (e.g. PMBOK and ITIL);
  • supporting the functioning of individual systems and SAP – the monitoring of SAP systems; troubleshooting and change implementation based on ITIL; supporting processes in particular SAP areas; extension of SAP systems by adding new functionalities;
  • designing, creating, and deploying new IT solutions in SAP environments;
  • in the scope of web development – deploying solutions based on the latest technologies, such as Angular.js;
  • the BigData area and deploying solutions based on Spark, Hadoop, and Cassandra.

Our projects:

It is in the Capgemini Software Solutions Center that a project was created allowing transfers to be made and delivered to the recipient in real time twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. Our software developers have also invented a mobile app that allows you to control your car using a phone, and they have created a website dedicated to the workshops of a German automotive company, allowing the identification of parts necessary to repair a car. Also from the Software Solutions Center originated an app that standardizes the logistics processes for marine and air transport around the world, ensuring flexibility and constant access to information on a shipment’s route. The team at the Capgemini Software Solutions Center, as part of a larger programme, implements a state-of-the-art, unified platform based on a safe technology, i.e. tokenization, which will be scalable and flexible in order to enable the fast deployment of new products and introduction of changes. We also develop projects in virtual and augmented reality. We build hybrid solutions combining SAP and JAVA technologies.

Already more than ten internal Communities operate at our centre – these are discussion groups bringing together experts and enthusiasts who share their knowledge, experience, and skills. Employees develop their competences, e.g. as part of Agile Community, Architecture Community, Craftsmanship Community, and Digital Community.

P.S. In the last survey entitled “My Ideal Employer” carried out by the Career Office of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology, we were ranked first. Yes, we are being boastful since this award is a special distinction for us.

About us

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