Even though many experts work among us, we also have a rich offer for people who are only starting to gain experience. We are not afraid to state that we provide an ideal place to start a career and give it a proper pace. Do you want your CV to include some great experience? Check what programmes await you at Capgemini.

What do we provide?

  • Each person without experience is provided with initial training preparing them for work in a selected area and the care of an experience buddy – a Capgemini employee who will introduce you to the company, offer help and advice. You can also count on support from your superior and team.

What do we provide?

  • You will be quickly entrusted with responsible tasks: we let you take the initiative because we actually want to see you grow. Varied projects, responsible tasks, numerous training sessions? Sure! All that is possible already during studies. You will improve your business and language competences on a daily basis – most communication with clients is conducted in foreign languages, and an additional asset is that our teams contain representatives of many nations. We support clients from various sectors and countries. Thanks to that you will become familiar with international business standards and develop such skills as building relations or responsibility for fulfilment of objectives. We also offer access to “in-class training” and an e-learning platform, where you will find several thousand courses and business publications.

What do we provide?

  • We are a stable organization operating on a large scale, but we do not lose flexibility. If you are still a student, we adjust your individual schedule to your study plan; in some cases, we also offer the opportunity to work part-time. We work in a non-corporate, relaxed atmosphere, but we also provide a corporate benefits package: you can count on, e.g. a medical and sports card, cultural and integration events financed by the company, as well as many other benefits.

Programmes for students and graduates

Ambassador programme (Kraków, Katowice, Opole)

Students interested in areas such as employer branding, PR or marketing and actively engaged in the academic environment or student media are invited to join Capgemini as Employer Branding Representative.

We offer employment for a 10-month period based on a civil-law contract and the opportunity to gain practical experience in the field of employer branding. Apart from remuneration, you will also receive a Multisport card, city transport card, and Capgemini gadgets.

Paid Summer Internship Programme (Kraków, Katowice, Opole)

Do you want to gain experience and start your professional career during the summer? Great! We give you such an opportunity as part of our Summer Internship Programme, in which you can take part in Kraków, Katowice or Opole, in areas such as finance, accounting, or HR. The internships last 3 months, require availability of at least 30 hours per week (with a flexible schedule and option to work in the afternoon), and are paid.

Why is it worth it? You will earn practical skill and experience working under the supervision of experts; you will become familiar with business or IT) processes from the basics and become familiar with their operating mechanisms and most importantly – you will do all that taking active part in projects for our clients. You will have an individual development plan, access to the e-learning platform, and last but not least – apart from a certificate and a clear assessment of what you have learnt – the ability to initiate a stable cooperation.

We recruit for internships in May/June

CLICK (Polish: “CLIC’kaj”)

Do you want to combine foreign language learning with gaining professional experience?

CLICK has been prepared especially for such people as you. It is a unique programme conducted at the Cloud Infrastructure Services department, as part of which you will learn a foreign language intensively for two months (English, German or French) and later work under the supervision of our experienced experts, develop IT skills and service one of our prestigious clients. And all that based on an employment contract from the very first day of the programme.

Interested? Join us!

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