It is our largest department in Poland. We serve many renowned clients from all over the world, offering them innovative solutions in the scope of finance and accounting, banking operations, supply management or human resources management. Timely payments, proper accounting of expenses, HR administration, or maybe purchasing processes service? Such projects are no mystery to us!

To carry them out, we need people with foreign language skills (and we work in as many as 30 languages!), so if you:

  • Fluently use at least one of them, you can catalyse your professional career and become an expert in one selected area.

You already have professional experience related to finance or customer service in a wider sense?

  • Join our group of experts who execute interesting projects, provide consulting to the best global brands, and change the future of business.

You can select from the following areas:

  • Market analysis and research
  • Consulting
  • Contact centre
  • HR processes
  • Financial services and accounting
  • Purchasing and supply chain
  • Content management
  • Knowledge management
  • RPA, transformation, and automation

Take up the challenge and work with the world’s best!

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